Boat Delivery Captain

Professional Crew

Hiring an experienced Captain means reliability and peace of mind.  Jimmy is licensed by the US Coast Guard as a Master of Power and Sailing Vessels up to 100 gross tons.  We specialize in moving 30-70 foot boats in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean.

Real-Time Satellite Tracking

Satellite technology allows you to see in real time the location of your boat during the delivery process. 

What's the point?

Sometimes boat owners want to enjoy and experience a vacation on their own boat but don't want to go through the hassle of a 3 or 4 day trip just to get the boat to the vacation destination. No problem, we'll meet you there and hand off the boat to you.  

New boat owners who have purchased a boat in a location far from home may need assistance sailing her home through unfamiliar waters or may simply want to fly home and have the boat delivered.

Other folks sometimes just want an experienced hand onboard for a short trip to the boatyard. 

Whatever the case may be, hiring a professional crew will make the process infinitely easier and more efficient.

A new boat is ready to be delivered.

Ships are safe in port, but that is not where they belong.

What's it cost?

Every delivery is a bit different but it usually involves at least 2 crew members, a delivery Captain and a Deckhand, babysitting the boat 24/7 while underway and in port until she reaches her destination. Some deliveries require very high lodging or mooring fees due to the location while deliveries in other locals may be more cost effective  so it is best to contact Captain Jimmy for a free consultation and estimate. Costs such as fuel, slip fees, crew lodging, maintenance, rental cars and flights must all be considered.

If you do chose to delivery the boat by truck, keep in mind that wide and/or tall loads will require a DOT permit, route planning and certification and escort vehicles.  If the vessel is too tall, the flybridge and hard top may have to be removed, costing thousands in labor. Owners must also pay boatyards or marinas to load and unload the boat.  Boat deliveries can be very expensive.  If Capt. Jimmy feels you will be better off delivering by truck with another company he will tell you so but at least do your homework and get a free estimate for delivery by water today!

Recent Deliveries

2019 Scout 380 - Destin, FL to Key West, FL

1980 Presidential 34 - Crystal River, FL to Fort Walton Beach, FL

1972 Hatteras 42 Sportfish - Tarpon Springs, FL to Destin, FL

2008 Cruiser 42 - Sea trial and delivery to Galati Yachts, Destin, FL

2017 Viking 48 - Charleston, SC to Miami, FL

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